Louisiana Man Proves the Value of Regular Maintenance with Million-Mile Tundra

When Toyota learned of Victor Sheppard and his million-mile Toyota Tundra, and how well the truck was kept, the automaker was eager to get a look at it. For Toyota's engineers, the durable truck presents a unique opportunity to gather information as to how the vehicle was able to last in such good condition for more than a million miles.

Since Sheppard was still driving the truck, Toyota asked him what the vehicle might be worth. When Sheppard suggested a new truck, the automaker happily agreed, making the exchange for a new 2016 Tundra during a brief ceremony at Greg Leblanc Toyota in his hometown of Houma, Louisiana.

Over the course of nine years, Sheppard recorded 117 service center visits ranging from belt replacements to regularly scheduled checkups. The feat is a true testament to the value of regular maintenance.

“Having a million-mile truck in as pristine condition as this one with original parts is a truly rare find,” said Mike Sweers, Toyota Technical Center's chief truck engineer. “Our team plans to tear down the entire truck, bumper-to-bumper, top-to-bottom to evaluate how the quality and safety we designed, engineered and built into the Tundra has held up to over one-million miles of real-world driving and help us continue providing ever-better vehicles for our customers.”

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